Mentability, created by Leo Belime, offers you a new practice to elevate your mental, emotional and physiological capacities.

The neurophysiological training is based on neurofeedback technique, which helps to self-regulate your own brain activity and increases concentration, motivation, sleep quality, reduces anxiety and overall brain efficacy for any type of challenges.

The emotional coping program is inspired by the work of the philosopher Michel Foucault - "Knowledge is power". It is based on understanding the function of emotions to bring you a higher level of harmonie with your emotional self.

The mental preparation is build for athletes. It involves the relationship between the mind and the body and how to overcome mental blockages when the body is taken to the mind's limits.

What is Neurofeedback?

It's an intervention technique that uses the principals of cognitive-behavioral therapies and incorporates them into a practice based on neuroscience. It enables to re-balance the brain activity which is a reflection of all the psychological, emotional and physiological functions. It is a non-invasive technique without risks of major undesired secondary effects.